Newsletter July 2012

Lake George Boosters Club Newsletter

PO Box 265, Lake George, MI 48633

President: Sandie Mann



V. President: Mike Green        Sect: Lorraine Akin      Treas: Gail White

588-6428                               588-9658                     588-6257

Board Members:

Jim Johnson, Irv Mann, Bonnie Pierce, Betty Gniech, and Stella Hardin

July 2012


Summer Greetings!  Thanks to those who attended our Spring Party.

The food was great.  Sandy and her crew did a great job with the ham &

chicken.  Thanks to JR & Julie Ringley, and Marla & Ken Beougher for

hosting the party.  Thank you to the other people who helped set up and

clean up.

Our 2012  $500 Scholarship recipients are:  Harrison: Tyler

Girardin, Farwell: Travis White, and Marion: Robbi Chesser.  We could

not give these scholarships without our member dues and fund raising

events.  Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible.

THANK YOU:  Swiss Steak Dinner and Fish Fry workers and those

who donated desserts, the people who donated Used Books and Bake Goods

for our sale,  Gail White and Stella Hardin for chairing the sales and their

helpers, Betty Gniech for the successful Casino Trip to Little River, and

the members who worked at our table for the Safety Expo. Many thanks

to JR Ringley for cooking the eggs at our breakfasts, frying the fish for

the Fish Fry, and all of his support for our other activities.

Grill/Social Nights start Sat. June 23.  Please bring a dish to pass,

your meat to grill, and your drinks.  It starts at 6pm.  The other Grill/

Social nights are July 28, Aug. 25, and Sept. 29.  Hope to see you there.

Trap Shooting started Thurs., June 7 at 5pm and continues on Thurs.

through Sept. 27.

Golfers mark your calendars. Our Annual Golf Outing Fund Raiser is

Sat., Sept. 15 at Tamaracks.  Warren White (588-6257) and Ken Waryas

(588-0441) are co-chairing the event.  Watch your mail for the registration

form or call one of them for more information.


We are still accepting dues for $20 per person.  Thanks to

those who already paid.

We are adding a Fish Fry Friday, July 27 at 4pm and a Spaghetti

Dinner Saturday, August 11 at 4pm.  Tentatively we are planning a Casino

Trip in September.

We need a person or persons to be in charge of The Early Bird

Euchre in September.  Please call Sandie Mann if you can do this.

(231-743-9688).  We want members input about having one party a

year, in the summer.  Due to low numbers of people attending the Fall

and Spring parties the board thought this might be a better option.  It

might be more convenient for the snow birds also.  Call Sandie Mann with

your yes or no answer to making this change in 2013. Thank you for your

opinion about this issue.

FYI the Bake Sale and Used Book Sale proceeds were $372.75.

We consider that a very successful sale!! Thanks again to all of the

people who donated, bought items, and worked the sales.


Lorraine Akin


June    21,28-Trap Shoot 5pm through Sept. 27

23-Grill Night/Social in the Pavilion (bring a dish to pass,

your meat to cook, and your drinks)  6pm

July 5,12,19,26-Trap Shoot 5 pm

7-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

27-FISH FRY 4pm  * New*

28-Grill Night/Social in the Pavilion (bring a dish to pass,

your meat to cook, and your drinks)  6 pm

August 2,9,16,23,30-Trap Shoot 5 pm


4-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

25-Grill Night/Social in the Pavilion (bring a dish to pass,

your meat to cook, and your drinks) 6 pm


1-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

2-Chicken BBQ 4 pm

4,11,18,25-Early Bird Euchre Starts: Tues. 7pm thru Nov. 27

6,13,20,27-Trap Shoot (29)  last Trap Shoot 5 pm

8-Board Meeting: Nominations for board members 10am

15-Golf Outing Fund Raiser At Tamaracks 10am shot gun start

29-Grill Night/Social in the Pavilion (bring a dish to pass,

your meat to cook, and your drinks) 6pm

Oct.     2,9,16,23,30-Early Bird Euchre 7pm

6-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

13-General Membership Meeting: ELECTION OF BOARD


13- Fall Party Potluck: bring dish to pass, meat & drinks furnished,

cocktails 5:30 pm dinner 6:30 pm: RSVP to Sandy 231-743-9688

Nov.     3-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

6,13,20,27- Early Bird Euchre (27) last Early Bird euchre 7 pm

17-Christmas Bazaar & Bake Sale 9am-4 pm

Dec. 1-Breakfast All-You-Can-Eat 8-11

8-Board Meeting: The Board elects officers 10 am