August 2019 Newsletter

Lake George Boosters Club Newsletter

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President Carol Maas


  1. President: Sandie Mann Sect: Lorraine Akin        Treas.: Marlene McGlashen

        231-743-9688                         588-9658                     989-802-9013

Board: Jim Johnson, Sue Green, Pat Swanson, Betty Gniech, and Pat Johnson

August 2019

THANK YOU: All of the people who donated Baked Goods and worked the sale; Betty Gniech for chairing the event (our profit was $326), Duane & Elaine Updyke for the donation of the food thermometer; Gary & Carol Maas for the donation of 50/50 tickets and a roaster; the June Fish Fry workers and dessert donors; the people who donated things to our Yard Sale and bought items; Maas for picking up Yard Sale items; Maas, Sue Green and Mary Cosgrove for working the sale; Tom Krchmar & Gary Maas for replacing damaged siding on our building;  and a special thank you to the July Breakfast Crew we could not have done without you.

From the President:  Wow! Ever notice that the Summers in Michigan go by so much faster than the Winters??   We have been busy at the Boosters, the Yard sale was a great success and a big fundraiser for the club.  Thank you to all who donated items, bought items, or helped in any way!  We had some behind the scenes help that deserves special thanks: Joe Wallace, Tom Krchmar, Nathan Bissonnette, Paul Bissonnette and Gary Maas were the heavy lifters and packers and unpackers! What a crew!!  Sheila Bissonnette, Abigail Bissonnette, Sue Green and Mary Cosgrove were my “on the scene helpers.”  Alexis Bissonnette, Sheila Bissonnette, Abigail, Sue, Martha Neaher, and Betty Simmer helped pack all that was left afterwards.  We could not have done it without them, so a great big shout out to all of them!!! In case you wonder what happened to what was left, a gentleman came and picked it all up to go to another yard sale for Relay for Life in Mt. Pleasant and any left after that went to Sacred Heart Missions, Gladwin.   At the same time, we had our Fourth of July Breakfast going on inside the club on Saturday with another group of volunteers.  We fed over 100 hungry people! Thanks to all who helped with that! 

We have another couple of events coming up that more volunteers are needed for.  There’s the Breakfast on Saturday, Aug.31st (Labor Day wk end) and Sunday of Labor Day wk. end we have our Annual Chicken BBQ.  It takes a village to keep doing all these events.  If you have the time, we can use your help!  We also have a Swiss Steak Dinner coming up on Sat., Aug. 10.  If you can help with any of these just let one of the board members know or call me!  My no. is on top of this newsletter!  AND THANK YOU!!!!  Carol

We have six board members with terms expiring at the end of 2019.  These board members have chosen to stay on the board.  Therefore, we will not need an election this fall. Thank you to all board members for the work they do.

Euchre continues on Tuesday nights at 7pm.  Trap shooting is going on now through Sept. 26. Come on out to the club to socialize and support the club. Our next Swiss Steak Dinner is August 10 at 4pm with takeout available.

Our last breakfast is August 31 on Labor Day Weekend Saturday.  The Chicken BBQ is Sunday, Sept. 1 at 4pm with takeout available.  We now need to make all of the salads at the club. You may get a phone call to donate some salad ingredients.


We will be collecting donations of money or canned goods for our Thanksgiving Baskets. The deadline for the donations is November 1st.  You may mail checks to the Boosters Club address at the top of this newsletter or drop off money or canned goods at Fairchild & Green Realty Office Oct. 1 to November 1.  Thank you in advance for your help with this project.


Our 2019 Members of the Year are Pat and Marshall Swanson.  Our new Lifetime Member is Sandie Mann.  These people have work hard at our events and supported

the club in many ways for many years.  Sandie’s certificate was presented to her at our Annual Member Party on July 27, 2019 and Swanson’s certificate was given to them at euchre.



Lorraine Akin






Lake George Boosters Club Calendar

August         Summer Euchre Tuesday’s 7pm Last night August 27

Trap Shoot Thursday’s 6pm

          ***** 10-SWISS STEAK DINNER 4pm (take out available)

          *****31-All-You-Can Eat Breakfast 8-11am Labor Day Weekend


Trap Shoot Thursday’s 6pm Last night Sept. 26

           *****         1-Chicken BBQ 4pm (Labor Day Weekend Sunday) (take out available)

                   3-Fall Euchre Starts 7pm Tuesday’s through Nov. 26

                   10-Board Meeting 4pm

           *****20- FISH FRY 4pm (take out available)


Fall Euchre Tuesday’s 7pm

12-General Membership Meeting: Donations for 2020 EVERYONE WELCOME 10am


Fall Euchre Tuesday’s 7pm, Last night Nov. 26

          *****10-BAKE SALE AT JAY’S: 12-5:00 (Hunting Week Sunday)


10-Board Meeting: The board elects officers & plans 2020 Events 4pm 



WEB SITES: Information: contactus@lakegeorgeboosters